Terence Samson 


Terence is a percussion player with a special focus on percussive melody and sound. He is a musician with a strong feeling for spacious rhythms, played and created with different instruments. Always trying to create more flow into a song.

While travelling he focussed on learning local musical traditions in Brasil, India, Morocco and New York. Terence creates his music and sounds inspired by the rich Indian, African and Brazilian musical cultures, instruments and rhythms.

As a performing artist, Terence Samson combines ethnic music with new fresh sounds, rhythms and melodies. He loves mixing and twisting different musical flavours, styles and traditions.

Some of the favourite instruments Terence Samson will play: Cajon, Pandeiro, Kanjira, Udu, Tabla, Frame drums and Hang. Also flutes like Bansuri and overtone flutes and lots of sounds and small percussion instruments. 

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